What is more likely to lead you to your goal, a good question or a good answer?

maino the map turtle
maino the map turtle




Through the shimmering blue of the ocean

glides "maino", the sea turtle, just below the surface of the water, enjoying the warm rays of the sun that caress its shell.






It surfaces and takes a deep breath. It follows its inner compass that guides

it through the sea's unfathomable depths, over thousands of kilometers,

to return to the beach of its birth many years later.


Isn't that amazing?

Is there also a guide in life that you can instantly trust?

According to ancient cultures and legends, it's our heart. But the pathway

from head to heart is full of obstacles. It's often turns out to be a long journey.




Ancient pathways for the modern world – experiences that

bring about change

The essence of the ancient, applied today. Established methods from ancient cultures and traditions that support you along the journey to finding yourself.


Space for the essential

Breathing – arriving in the here and now

Consciously experiencing your inner dialogue and diving deeper.

Accepting yourself as you are, trusting yourself and being happy.


 Follow your heart

Awareness and perception – pause for a moment, feel and understand

Experience how the earth carries you. Feel your connection to everything and take responsibility. Have the courage to live your dream – for you and for the benefit of all living beings.


Examine and test what's important to you – and then ask yourself one question: "Does your pathway have heart?"


If not, what could you change?